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Teaching Wymysorys

Tymoteusz Król has been teaching Wymysorys since July 2011. He has also gathered extensive language documentation (more than 500 hours of recording featuring nicknames, folk tales, family stories, personal accounts, biographies, 40 songs, folk dress descriptions, genealogy, everyday talks, town history, customs and traditions).

In October 2014 the classes of Wymysorys were incorporated into the school curriculum in Wilamowice. This achievement was possible due to collaboration between the Wilamowicean School Complex representatives, the municipal authorities and scholars. The Faculty of “Artes Liberales” took honorary patronage over the programme. Currently, there are 3 groups of children aged 12-14 who learn Wymysorys at school, one advanced group (4 classes per week) as well as a group of beginners with learners outside of Wilamowice. Justyna Majerska from the „Association Wilamowiceans” imparts additional classes for adults. Young learners regularly visit Wymysorys native-speakers. Teaching materials include the books "Ynzer boümmüter" and “Wymysiöejer fibl” published within the project “Endangered languages. Comprehensive models for research and revitalization”.

Watch the video in Polish

Watch the video in Wymysorys